Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Living (Dangerously!) in the Era of Megafires

Dr. Paul Hessburg with the Pacific Northwest Research Station (US Forest Service) has been traveling throughout the West over the past year to share "The Era of Megafires" - a 70-minute, multi-media presentation that informs, engages and inspires audiences to think about how they will live with wildfire. I attended one last fall and was delightfully surprised that it was not a presentation filled with fire-related acronyms and a fire person talking to local fire people. The audience was filled beyond capacity with everyday folks from the community looking to learn how our landscapes evolved into this situation and how we might reduce the risk of future megafires. Based on the audience questions and comments at the end of the presentation, Dr. Hessburg met his mission to increase understanding of the complex wildland fire issues we face.  

If you get the chance, attend the event, it's worth it. If you cannot make it to one of the shows, the video above provides a synopsis of the larger event.   

In April, Dr. Hessburg offered a TedX Talk in Bend, Oregon that provided a short but compelling message about living in the era of megafires. He tells a fast-paced story of western US forests, unintentionally yet massively changed by a century of management. These changes, coupled with a hotter climate, have set the stage for this modern era of megafires - those over 100,000 acres. Hessburg offers clear tools for changing course and a thought-provoking call to community action. 

Click here for tour dates of the Era of Megafires event.

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