Monday, April 17, 2017

Like a Good Neighbor...

Salmon River, Idaho.  Photo: WallDevil

David Groeschl is the State Forester for the State of Idaho and in a recent interview with Evergreen Magazine, he discusses how state and federal partners are utilizing the Good Neighbor Authority under the 2014 Farm Bill to implement high priority forest restoration projects on National Forests in Idaho.  

Groeschl says the prospects under this authority are very exciting with three projects already designated and several more proposed. Under the Good Neighbor Authority, the US Forest Service can enter into an agreement with the Idaho Department of State Lands to do more restoration work on federal lands using State resources and contracting authorities. "This provides a more timely, flexible and cost-effective way to get this work done," adds Groeschl.

In the interview, David Groeschl points out that 75% of all forestland in Idaho is owned by the federal government, over 20 million acres. The declining health of these National Forests poses serious resource, safety and economic risks to all Idahoans. "Anything we can do to help our federal neighbors helps everyone," explains Groeschl. 

This attitude - that fire, insects and disease know no boundaries and therefore, we're all in this together - is setting the stage for current and future collaborative work in Idaho.

The Cohesive Strategy recommends that states take advantage of the Good Neighbor Authority to increase the pace and scale of landscape resiliency.  

Read full interview here.  

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