Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wildland Fire Leadership Council's Last Meeting before the New Administration

WFLC meets in the Whitten Building in Washington, DC. Photos by Kate Lighthall
The Wildland Fire Leadership Council (WFLC) gathered in Washington, DC on November 30th for their last meeting before the current presidential administration transitions.   

The Council welcomed new members Mayor John Suthers (represented by Fire Marshal Brett Lacey), the mayor of Colorado Springs, CO to represent the National League of Cities and Maureen Sullivan, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, cementing the new MOU with the Department of Defense.   (Following the meeting, WFLC also welcomed Bruce Loudermilk, the new BIA Director to the table).  

Harry Humbert (DOI), Mike Zupko (WFLC) and Robert Bonnie (USDA).
A key issue on the table for this meeting was the upcoming administration transition and the impact to WFLC's membership as over half of its members are presidential appointees and will be leaving their current positions.  The group discussed transition progress to date and conveyed overall support for the three planks of the Cohesive Strategy and recognition for the need for landscape-scale restoration.  There was also agreement that the WFLC Administration Transition Briefing document captured the key issues, strategic priorities and opportunities for engagement between the WFLC and incoming administration appointees.  

WFLC also reviewed the draft Strategic Alignment Report which provided a strategic picture of Cohesive Strategy activities to date and recommended opportunities for WFLC engagement going forward. The intent of the Report is to keep momentum going for current activity around the Cohesive Strategy and serve as a foundation for continuity in future Cohesive Strategy implementation discussions in the new administration as a compilation of opportunities the future WFLC can evaluate for individual and collective action.  The Report will be a great tool in briefings and discussions to help new appointees understand the Cohesive Strategy, its development and implementation.  Final Strategic Alignment Report here and the Appendices here.

WFLC also addressed the topic of Pre-Fire Season Coordination and discussed leadership intent and expectations in cross-agency planning and preparedness in advance of fire season. Follow up activities will include an overarching briefing paper to capture leaders' intent. Stay tuned. 

WFLC confirmed the following FIVE Strategic Priorities:
  • Life Safety
  • Landscape Level Collaboration
  • Reducing Risk to Communities
  • Smoke Management and Air Quality
  • Environmental Compliance

WFLC's next in-person meeting is March 2, 2017 in Washington, DC.  

For the full minutes of the meeting, click here.  



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