Monday, October 3, 2016

Idaho Makes Good Use of GNA with First Timber Sale


Last week Idaho Governor Butch Otter shared his thoughts on how Idaho is fighting wildfires through the power of partnerships.  In his opinion piece, Governor Otter touted the diverse interests working together in unprecedented ways to improve the health and resiliency of Idaho's lands.  

He pointed to the overall goal of reducing large wildfires as he outlined the Idaho Department of Lands' recent auction of a federal timber sale for the first time in Idaho. Under the Good Neighbor Authority, Idaho is working with the US Forest Service, timber companies and other forest partners, on an "all lands" approach to restoring forested lands and providing additional wood to sustain Idaho's forest products industry - very Cohesive Strategy.

Federal, state and private lands are intermingled in Idaho, so management practices on federal lands inevitably affect neighboring state and private lands. Idahoans wasted no time in taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the Good Neighbor Authority. 

Other projects are planned under the Good Neighbor Authority that are allowing Idaho to help the US Forest Service with the enormous and complex job of restoring national forests and making them more resilient. 

Read more from the Governor's letter here.  And more about the Good Neighbor Agreement in Idaho here

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