Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Innovative Approach for TREX Support and Education

Wildland Session Ale.  Photo: GoodLife Brewing

Across the West (and the nation), many chapters of TNC's Fire Learning Networks are conducting Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges to improve knowledge, training, partnerships, education and most of all, to put fire back on fire-adapted landscapes.  

The Central Oregon Fire Learning Network tried something innovative and new during this year’s TREX in an attempt to connect with new audiences regarding the need for forest restoration and fire in Central Oregon.  In early May, they hosted a Prescribed Fire Open House at GoodLife Brewing in Bend, OR. At the open house they introduced visitors to the tools and equipment used to safely conduct prescribed burns, as well as provided tables of information about the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project, the US Forest Service, and The Nature Conservancy where folks could talk with fire and restoration professionals about the need for fire-adapted forest restoration and the role of fire in that process.

The event provided an opportunity to showcase their new partnership with GoodLife Brewing around their shared interest in healthy forests and clean water.  And, the beer will be available June 1st in OR, WA, ID and VT to benefit the local collaborative group’s restoration efforts.  

Read more about this non-traditional partnership here.   And more about TREX efforts in Central Oregon here

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