Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Fireshed Coalition? YES!

The Greater Santa Fe Fireshed.  Photo: Forest Stewards Guild

The Greater Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition (GSFFC) is a collection of agencies, private organizations and concerned citizens working to improve the ecology in the forests surrounding Santa Fe, NM. It's a relatively new concept...going beyond traditional borders to include all lands, resources and communities that can be impacted by wildfire. In Santa Fe, they say it's time to act at the scale of a wildfire.   
A fireshed is an area where social and ecological concerns regarding wildfire overlap and are intwined.  Their mission: The GSFFC uses a pro-active, collaborative approach to improve the health and long-term resilience of forested watersheds and communities by addressing wildfire. The Coalition works to build support, understanding, and shared knowledge of the role of fire in an adaptive framework to realize goals.


Integrating all three tenets of the Cohesive Strategy the GSFFC has accomplished much in just the last six months. The group is concentrating on high priority landscapes to match up funds, resources and planning so that they can maximize efforts on the ground at a landscape scale. They are currently getting projects done within the City of Santa Fe as well as the wilderness.  

Three task teams are active around communications (with science at the core), landscape resilience (to explain the science and prioritize work) and an implementation team (for grant applications and alignment of funding).  

Early in 2016, both the Santa Fe City Council and the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners adopted Greater Santa Fe Fireshed Resolutions that will help secure and align funding, implement projects and increase collaboration across boundaries in the area.  

Stay tuned for more from this powerful collaborative group!  Read more here.