Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ashland Forest Resiliency Project Raises $5.64 Million for Treatment on Private Lands

Before treatment.

After treatment.

Over the last few years the AFR Project team has developed additional partnerships with private landowners, and state and federal agencies to expand the project to include adjacent private lands under a Conservation Implementation Strategy. This expanded strategy, an all-lands approach, is important to the ultimate success of the project. 

By including adjacent private land owners in the strategy they are able to better achieve the objectives of protecting important fish and wildlife habitat and restoring forest resilience in the face of climate change and increased fire threat. Partnering with the State of Oregon and Natural Resources Conservation Service we developed proposals that resulted in bringing more than $4.54 million additional dollars into the project to treat private lands. An additional $1.1 million was also recently earmarked by the Pacific Northwest Region of the U.S. Forest Service for reducing wildfire hazard on federal land within the AFR footprint.

This is the Cohesive Strategy at work.  

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