Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Nevada's 2nd Successful Statewide FAC Conference

Dr. Elwood Miller welcomed participants to this year's conference. Photo: University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.
On November 9, 2015 over 100 fire service professionals and residents living in high-wildfire risk locations met for the The Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities' second statewide conference. 

The conference agenda was built around the necessity for effective, sustainable partnerships to lower a community's vulnerability to the devastation caused by wildfire.  

Outstanding presentations enlightened the attendees to the long-term consequences of a mega fire that has a devastating and long lasting effect on every phase of community life. Local examples were used to illustrate the extraordinary challenges that must be overcome by firefighters as they struggle to bring these terrible fires under control.  

Participants also engaged in discussions focused on proactively addressing the wildfire threat through the creation of mutually beneficial, long lasting and successful partnerships. Participants learned what the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy is and the plan for its implementation in Nevada. Read more and find the full post-conference report here.

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