Monday, December 14, 2015

Innovative Approach in NM - a One Stop Shop

Collaborators have come together in an innovative approach to wildfire mitigation in New Mexico...Could this be a model???
The Wildfire Network is a newly launched, non-profit organization that builds local capacity for wildfire mitigation and forest resiliency in New Mexico by providing a one-stop-shop for: collaboratively integrating business, agencies and communities to address the critical risk reduction of wildland urban interface communities and building workforce capacity through career-building youth training and industry support for existing mitigation resources.
As a group of wildland and forest related private business and organziations, and local, state and federal agency personnel, they are becoming the go-to guys for homeowners looking for funding resources from agencies, agencies needing help with projects and outreach, contractors needing training and work and youth looking for a career-building skillset.

Combined, they have the expertise to leverage funds from contracts and grants to put projects on the ground, help WUI communities navigate the myriad of resources available to help them protect themselves, foster and support a WUI mitigation industry with consistent training and certification that can put kids on a solid career path and build the capacity needed to reduce catastrophic fire costs, and reduce community and property risk in Santa Fe County and beyond.  
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