Thursday, August 20, 2015

FEMA Infusion Helps Colorado's Wildfire Partners

Homeowner Jeff Kanipe talks with fire mitigation specialist Abby Silver, with Wildfire Partners about the roof on his home as she performs a fire mitigation inspection.  Photo:
Wildfire Partners program was launched last year, giving Boulder County homeowners a chance to get an assessment by a wildfire mitigation specialist and a customized report on their home's vulnerabilities — along with financial awards.   

Wildfire Partners just secured a $1.125 million grant by from the  Hazard Mitigation Grant Program of the Federal Emergency Management Administration. That helps augment a previous $1.5 million grant from the  Colorado Department of Natural Resources.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for Boulder County residents who want to perform wildfire mitigation, because it offers significant financial assistance and strong technical support," said Jim Webster, Wildfire Partners program coordinator.  Read full article here

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