Sunday, April 19, 2015

2104 SW Incidents of the Year

Yep, this is a thing! 

The Southwest Fire Science Consortium recognizes incidents each year during which progressive management tactics and strategies are used to apply beneficial fire to the landscape under difficult conditions.  The Pino Fire in New Mexico and the Slide Fire in Arizona were both named 2014 Incidents of the year.  Read more here.  

Pino Fire, New Mexico. Source SW Fire Consortium


Slide Fire, Arizona.  Source: SW Fire Consortium

Criteria for choosing Incident of the Year includes:  
  • Safety
  • Ecological benefit of fire
  • Long-term fire effects
  • Risk level
  • WUI
  • Level of collaboration
  • Working towards “difficult acres”
  • Season
  • Public information/communication plan
  • Mechanisms to leverage science
  • Bringing outside resources into local ecological perspective
  • Clear use of fire regime knowledge.  

What a great way to recognize Cohesive Strategy behaviors! Congratulations!!

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