Thursday, March 5, 2015

Top States in the West at Risk for Wildfire

You can add this report to your local assessments if you like....the 2015 CoreLogic Wildfire Hazard Risk Report is out. Click here to download the full report.

“Awareness of wildfire hazard and geospatial knowledge of the risk as it relates homes and businesses is vitally important for the insurance and mortgage industries,” states the 2015 CoreLogic Wildfire Hazard Risk Report, which examines the residential properties potentially exposed to wildfire risk in 13 western states, “as well as for municipalities and ultimately those most directly impacted, homeowners.”

The report provides an evaluation of the total number of properties at each risk level, along with the estimated reconstruction value of the single-family residences at risk in the region. In addition to the total estimate, a summary of the properties at risk and the associated single-family home reconstruction cost is provided for each individual state, as well as tables that provide similar information for several metropolitan areas across the country.  

Check out an article that hits the highlights of the report here

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