Tuesday, March 17, 2015

National Parks Service Adopts Five Year Wildland Fire Plan

Prescribed fire is an integral part of the NPS Wildland Fire Program. Source NPS.gov
Jesse Duhnkrack, Wildland Fire Management Specialist for the National Parks Service AND long-term member of Cohesive Strategy's Western Regional Strategy Committee shared the recently adopted Wildland Fire Strategic Plan for 2015-2019.   

He's been bragging about it for a while now (...wink...) because the plan specifically spells out values, goals and objectives that are in direct alignment with the principles of the Cohesive Strategy.  This new plan captures the changes in thinking about how NPS manages wildland fire through people, partnerships, and understanding of the changing ecological, social and economic environment in and around NPS lands.  

"This type of culture - dedicated to service, teamwork and mission," the plan states, "is founded on the following values:  A commitment to safety; service for the common good; respect and trust; science based action; adaptability; and initiative."   Read the plan here

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