Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Black Forest Together - Recover, Rebuild, Restore

Organized after the devastating Black Forest Fire in Colorado two years ago, Black Forest Together aims to help recover, rebuild and restore citizens' lives, forest water quality and ecological health with an emphasis on community values, economic stability and the natural environment. 

Photo: Black Forest Together
The group held Forest Recovery Symposium 5 last Saturday where local forestry experts and community members discussed how to work with Colorado's Department of Natural Resources to restore burned areas and reduce wildfire risk in neighborhoods.    

"We are really never out of a wildfire danger here in Black Forest," Scott MacDonald, Program Director for Black Forest Together said.  "We've got a problem that's grown over the centuries. We have a solution that's going to actually take generations, but we need to start."

"We need to make fire mitigation a part of our lifestyle and teach our next generation to carry that on and to be good stewards of the forest," MacDonald said.

Truer words were never spoken. This story demonstrates multiple examples of Cohesive Strategy behaviors including building collaboratives to restore landscape resiliency, creating fire adapted communities, working across jurisdictional boundaries to achieve success, and utilizing grant funding for wildfire mitigation and prevention activities.  

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