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The Western Regional Strategy Committee was established in 2011 to support and facilitate implementation of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy across the West.  From the great plains of Kansas and Nebraska to Alaska, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands.   

What is the Cohesive Strategy?

The quick answer is this:  The Cohesive Strategy is a strategic push to work collaboratively among all stakeholders and across all landscapes to learn to live with wildland fire.  The three goals of the Cohesive Strategy are:

Resilient Landscapes
Fire Adapted Communities
Safe, Effective, Risk-Based Wildland Fire Response. 

For the whole story on the national Cohesive Strategy effort, click here.

This "all hands - all lands" approach requires a shift in the cultural norm and the way we've conducted business the last 100 years.  It requires us to take a long, hard look at risk and how we can collectively share the risk across jurisdictions and publics, and prioritize our investments to better address that risk.  This is not an easy task but the outcomes are worth it.  We can no longer accept the traditional operational way of thinking if we are going to change the outcomes.

For the Western Region, the WRSC acts as a network for two-way communication to occur that advances the philosophy of the Cohesive Strategy.  Click here to see the WRSC's Strategic Communications Plan.

For the details on the current Western Cohesive Strategy effort, click on the links below.  

2016 Stakeholder Implementation Report - what stakeholders across the West are doing to implement the Cohesive Strategy.  Download PDF version here.

2016 WRSC Accomplishment Report - what members of the WRSC did in 2016 to facilitate implementation of the Cohesive Strategy.  Download PDF version here.

2016-2018 WRSC Program of Work (updated 12/2016)

Current membership 2017

2016-2018 WRSC Program of Work

Past activities and documents:

2015 Stakeholder Implementation Report - what stakeholders across the West are doing to implement the Cohesive Strategy.

2015 WRSC Accomplishment Report - what the WRSC did in 2015 to facilitate implementation of the Cohesive Strategy.  

Western Regional Action Plan Addendum 2015

Regional Transition Plan 2014-2015 From Planning to Implementation
Executive Summary Regional Transition Plan 2014-2015

2013 Year in Review

Western Regional Action Plan April 2013

Western Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy - Phase III Report November 2012
Phase III Western Regional Science-Based Risk Analysis Report Executive Summary 

Recap of ideas submitted during the initial planning process:
     Enhancing Collaboration  
     Home and Homeland
     Community Protection 
     Fully Utilizing Existing Authorities
     Using Economic Principles to Achieve Ecosystem Objectives

Phase II Goals, Objectives and Actions September 2012 

Preliminary Alternatives and Performance Measures June 2012  

Western Regional Assessment and Strategy September 2011 


  1. Hi, I am a Indigenous Fire Practitioner from Australia. We have been mentoring communities all over Australia getting traditional fires practices happening again. Here is a link to one of our workshops. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-09-05/traditional-knowledge-a-pathway-to-safer-healthier-country/7814628?pfmredir=sm

    It would be great to have you guys come to our next National Indigenous Fire Workshop next year. Here is some more case studies on Fire on our education site.


    Keep up the great work, country man.

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