Sunday, July 8, 2018

New Tool Allows Oregon Residents and Land Managers to Track Current Wildfire Risk

Oregon Explorer. Photo: Oregon Department of Forestry
The Oregon Department of Forestry recently released the Advanced Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer, a new tool that allows residents to track current wildfire risk to their exact location anywhere in the state. The tool uses a variety of data including historical wildfire data, local vegetation and weather. It offers resources as well.  Residents can generate a report specific to their address that shows how much defensible space should be cleared around their homes, wildfire history and local contacts for more information. 

The tool is also intended to provide a data-based risk assessment for planners and forest managers as they prepared for where wildfires are predicted to grow more intense.  

The Cohesive Strategy strongly supports the use of science and technology to help stakeholders achieve landscape resiliency goals, fire adapted communities and a safer, more effective wildfire response.

Test drive the new tool here

Read the full article here

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