Thursday, September 14, 2017

"Why I Burned My Property and How I Shot It"

Beautiful smokey haze from his own prescribed fire.  Photo: Joel Wolfson.

Joel Wolfson and his wife Barb live in northern Arizona where wildland fire is a frequent visitor. Following a too-close-to-home fire and evacuation experience, the Wolfsons knew they were ready to use prescribed fire on their property to reduce the risk of future high intensity fires. Mr. Wolfson is an accomplished photographer and teacher and also knew that he wanted to photograph the experience.  

More wildlife visit the burned area now to munch on the fresh grass.  Photo: Joel Wolfson.

Barb Wolfson is a fire ecologist and was in complete agreement of the exercise, knowing the blackened areas would regenerate naturally and improve the health and wildlife habitat of the forest around their home. 

The result is a beautiful juxtaposition of nature and controlled fire as well as the subsequent benefits to the landscape and protection of the Wolfson home. Take a look at Mr. Wolfson's blog post to see the great photography and read his story (complete with information about which lenses he used in his photographs of the experience).  

Read blog post here

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