Monday, September 11, 2017

Teaching Fire with Fire - A Unique Approach to Community Outreach

Teaching 6th graders about fire ecology and forest health.  Photo: Talking Talons Youth Leadership 

Over the past few months, educators from Talking Talons Youth Leadership have been delivering a forest and fire program to middle and elementary school students across the Grants, Zuni and Gallup school districts in western New Mexico.
The program was created with funding from a Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP) grant awarded to the Cibola National Forest and in partnership with the Forest Stewards Guild.  
Talking Talons Youth Leadership works with two retired science teachers who are well-versed in the delivery of a science-based curriculum. They designed the program to teach local youth about fire adapted ecosystems and fire adapted communities, while fostering interest and understanding of the Zuni CFLRP. The program also discusses land management strategies in the Zuni Mountains, as well as the structure of Cibola National Forest and other agencies involved in the Zuni CFLRP.
The Cohesive Strategy encourages these creative approaches  to community outreach that build a greater understanding of our forests and how they can be managed.
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