Tuesday, January 10, 2017

WiRē Uses Science to Help Communities Address Wildfire Risks

The Colorado-based Wildfire Research group is an interdisciplinary team of experts who use scientific data to make fire-prone communities safer. Photo: WiRē.
The damage wildfires cause to homes and the costs of containing these fires are expected to rise sharply as climate change and land use patterns put ever more communities in the path of danger.  With that premise, the Colorado-based Wildfire Research (WiRē) group has been helping to make fire-prone communities safer since 2012 by applying scientific data to tailor wildfire education and outreach programs to better meet local needs, beliefs and attitudes. 

The interdisciplinary team of experts in economics, sociology and wildfire risk mitigation works together to find a better way for scientists to collaborate with those running on-the-ground wildfire prevention programs or creating fire-related policies.

By tackling assumptions about what's happening in fire-prone communities, the WiRē group assists by gathering data and providing insights that allow wildfire education and outreach programs to do their work in ways that are informed by science. The group works with communities, wildfire councils and those managing wildfire education programs.

Learn more here about WiRē's recent work to assist the Town of Mountain Village in Colorado.  And visit the WiRē website here.

The Cohesive Strategy is firmly based in sound science and strongly supports implementation efforts to achieve its three goals that are rooted in science.  

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