Monday, December 19, 2016

Cohesive Strategy's Western Region Confirms 2017 Priorities

WRSC Face-to-Face meeting.  Photos: Kate Lighthall
Cohesive Strategy's Western Region met November 14-15 in Long Beach, CA to review 2016 activities against our Program of Work and our Strategic Communications Plan, and confirm goals and priorities for 2017.  

At the top of our priority list is our ongoing commitment to communications. The Communications Task Group will be working on "adaptive" key messages throughout the year and sharing them with our stakeholders for their use.  A focus area for this group will be the "teachable moment" opportunities when fires occur. The conversation around communications was rich and led to a variety of possible outcomes such as a communications tool box, improved web analytics, a new focus on Learning Laboratories and integrated messaging among stakeholders. 

The group also confirmed its priority to expand representation and partnerships with the Western Regional Strategy Committee (WRSC) to include additional non-federal participation such as the environmental community, the science and education community and other NGOs. Our goal is to increase the dialogue and engagement among these partners and continue our network approach to implementation of the Cohesive Strategy.  

Working through the flow of information opportunities. 
We are looking forward to the continuing work in 2017 around prescribed fire and smoke management, wildfire transmission risk, and the human/social impact around wildland fire management.  By the end of the two-day meeting, the group updated the 2016-2018 Program of Work, approved the updated Strategic Communications Plan and agreed to a number of steps to continue to evaluate "where the needle is" and facilitate its movement.  

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