Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Test Project in Arizona to Burn Forest Fuels at a Coal Plant

Piling debris for biomass utilization in Arizona.  Photo: www.prescottenews.com
The Salt River Project is exploring the feasibility of using forest debris as a supplemental fuel at its Coronado Generating Station, a coal plant, in St. Johns, Arizona, to improve the health of Arizona’s forests and watersheds.

Biomass will be only used on a very limited scale for this test burn – the first of its kind in Arizona in which forest debris will be co-burned with coal – and this limited project will not require any permanent modifications to the power plant.
The test burn will help the Salt River Project understand whether some of the technical challenges of burning forest waste at a sophisticated coal-fired facility can be adequately addressed. 
“While there are many hurdles to overcome, if we are successful in making CGS a potential receiver of forest-clearing materials, it would provide significant assistance to keeping our forests healthy while reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfires,” said SRP Chief Water Resources Executive Dave Roberts. 
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