Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Clearing the Smoke from Wildfire Policy and the Wildfire Solution Summit

The Wildfire Solutions Summit was held in Bozeman, MT July 21-22, 2016.  The event kicked off with a reception that featured "Entering Wildfire," and immersive art experience from artists Ethan Turpin and Jonathan Harmon. The installation aims to confront audiences with the elemental beauty, transformative power and real world hazards of fire.  Click above to see the display. 

Among the featured speakers, the Summit included presentations from Dean Lueck and Jonathan Yoder, co-authors of Clearing the Smoke from Wildfire Policy, on their recent publication and the evolution of wildfire institutions, policy and an analysis of proposed reforms.

The two discussed their recent work which addresses the following questions:

  1. Are wildfires really getting larger and more frequent?
  2. How can the efficiency of wildfire management and policies be evaluated?
  3. Do organizations and their incentives matter? 
  4. Are proposed funding and policy reforms likely to improve the effectiveness of wildfire management?
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