Monday, May 23, 2016

The Pyrocene Era - As Suggested by Stephen Pyne

Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Photo: Cole Burston, Getty Images
Stephen Pyne does not disappoint in his recent poetic commentary on the Fort McMurray Fire about the two types of fires that are perhaps joining forces....  

"Horizons glow with satanic reds squishing through black and bluish clouds, as though the sky itself were bruised and bleeding. Foregrounds bristle with scorched neighborhoods still drifting with smoke and streams of frightened refugees, a scene more commonly associated with war zones."  

"The deep horror is that the two fires may be moving from competition into collusion. They are creating positive feedback of a sort that makes more fire. Those images of fire on fire are the raw footage of a planetary phase change, what might end up as a geologic era we could call the Pyrocene. They will continue until, as Shakespeare put it, they “consume the thing that feeds their fury."

Enjoy his full article here

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