Thursday, May 5, 2016

Building Community on the Road to Living with Fire

Steve Walb, puts together reflective address signs up at Vallecito in 2015. Photo: Marilyn McCord.

Pam Wilson, Director of FireWise of Southwest Colorado, writes "It’s the people and the sense of community that comes about as residents start working together on a common goal, which in this case, is wildfire preparedness." 
She says she often compares their role at FireWise of Southwest Colorado to that of a gardener – they “plant the seed,” nurture it through the germination process, and then stand back and watch it grow and blossom. Sometimes, they have to stake the plant to offer support so it doesn’t fall over.
Read more here about the different activities and different approaches in her neck of the woods that are achieving the same end goal - protecting lives and homes, and learning to live with wildfire. 

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