Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Losing Forests to Climate Change in the SW by the End of the Century

Nathan McDowell examines a tree at a tree survival/mortality research facility on the Los Alamos National Laboratory site. Photo: LANL
Dr. Nathan McDowell, who led the Los Alamos National Laboratory study, says the projected mass die-off of trees like junipers and piƱon pines will be widespread within the next thirty-four years. 
MCDOWELL: “The key take away from a study like this is that while the exact numbers are tenuous, the general trajectories they project are pretty robust. All of the different research is pointing in the same direction, which is that we’re going to lose forests around the world.”
What’s going to kill so many trees? The big culprits will be more frequent and intense droughts and heat waves. Read more and get the interview here

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