Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Create Unity, Fire-Adapt Your Community!"

Local schoolchildren in Nevada learned about the dangers of embers during a wildfire by playing with the Ember House during Wildfire Awareness Month in 2015.
Each year presents a fresh opportunity for keeping the wildfire preparedness messaging alive.  Never one to disappoint in marketing creativity, the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension's message for 2016 is "Create Unity, Fire-Adapt Your Community!" to emphasize that when community members work together to prepare for wildfire, they can effectively reduce the wildfire threat. 

"Residents of a fire-adapted community understand that they share their level of wildfire risk with their neighbors," said Ed Smith, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Natural Resource Specialist and Co-Manager of the Living With Fire program. "If one house is inadequately prepared, the risk to the whole neighborhood increases.  A sense that we are all in this together is prevalent."

Preparation at the community level and acceptance of risk is an important component of integrating the Cohesive Strategy. Many states across the West are taking advantage of Wildfire Awareness Weeks and Months to get the important messaging out.  Read more here. 

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