Thursday, April 7, 2016

Clean Water Means Tackling the Wildfire Threats

USDA Undersecretary Robert Bonnie and Tom Martin, CEO of the American Forest Foundation offer a guest commentary about the need to address wildfire issues as part of the solution for clean water. 

Healthy forests act as a natural water filter and storage system, keeping water clean, regulating stream flow and reducing flooding. High intensity fires can severely damage forested watersheds, leaving nothing left to prevent runoff and debris from filling streams and rivers and compromising downstream water supplies. 

Over 13 million acres across both public and private land in California are in important watersheds at a high risk to fire. These at-risk watersheds provide nearly 17 million Californians with drinking water. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is working hand-in-hand with the AFF and Cal Fire to reduce hazardous fuels and restore forests near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range.   All while focusing resources on restoring neighboring public lands for a true cross-boundary approach.

Read full commentary here

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