Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We're Not Talking About Restoration Anymore. We're talking About Resilience.

Los Conchas Fire near Santa Fe, NM in 2011.

Folks in greater Santa Fe, New Mexico are taking the Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy seriously.  The Santa Fe Cohesive Strategy Project is already underway with one very important goal achieved - the designation of the Greater Santa Fe Area Fire Shed.

The designation marks an area critical to the health and safety of city residents and a priority for efforts to reduce the ecological threats of catastrophic fire.  It also loops the fire shed into the 25-year Sustainable Santa Fe Plan and directs staff to find funding to support projects.  The key consequence of the resolution is that the city should see increased influence over federal, state and private dollars spent to manage the forests that directly affect the watershed, resident safety and recreation. 

"...we're not talking about restoration anymore.  We're talking about resilience.  So while we're going to be restoring these forests to conditions that more closely resemble the conditions they had in the past, we know the climate future is uncertain, and insects, prolonged drought and wildfire are in our future, so we want to make these forests resilient to those disturbances," said Eytan Krasilovsky with the Forest Guild. 

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