Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Recognizing a Fire Adapted Community - Five Characteristics in Common

"Effective Partnerships" begin with an open conversation between fire services and residents, working together in a unified effort to create an effective Fire Adapted Community. Photo:  University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.
Over a year ago, the Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities identified five characteristics that would set a Fire Adapted Community apart from others. These five have proven to be a solid foundation upon which to take actions to create a Fire Adapted Community.  
  1. Effective Partnerships
  2. Strong Community Leadership
  3. An Educated and Organized Community
  4. Informed Residents Taking Action
  5. The Enforcement of Codes, Rules and Regulations
The Nevada Network is working to increase the number of communities across the state that exhibit these characteristics.  

Read full descriptions and learn more about Nevada's Living With Fire here

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