Monday, February 8, 2016

"We should not confuse the inability to control wildfire with an inability to prevent a residential fire disaster," says Jack Cohen

Dr. Jack Cohen, Fire Scientist, US Forest Service.  Photo: NFPA
In last week's NFPA Fire Break Blog, the author asked Dr. Jack Cohen - with current fire conditions as extreme as they are, can changes made to the home and landscape immediately surrounding the home really make a difference?
Jack said, “The research I have done indicates, ABSOLUTELY! This is possible because the home ignition zone (HIZ), that area that includes the house in relation to the fire brand exposure and immediate surroundings within 100-200 feet principally determines the home’s ignition potential under extreme conditions; thus, we need not control the uncontrolled extreme wildfire to prevent the WUI fire disaster.  Read the full article here

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