Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Restoring Forests and Using Biomass in Kauai, HI

Planting Koa trees on Kauai, HI.  Photo: Hawaii News Now
The island of Kauai, HI is no stranger to wildfire.  A large forest of Koa trees once burned by wildfire in 2012 is finally getting restored.  
One seedling at a time, a team of three to four workers are rebuilding Kokee Forest.  "50 acres to be planted, so that's roughly 20,000 trees, 400 to 500 trees per acre," said Dustin Hirota, with Forest Solutions.

It's phase three of state efforts to restore the forest. Last year during phase two of the project, the state cut down 15,000 tons of dead, eucalyptus and pine trees on 300 acres of the forest reserve. That is now being used to produce electricity at a new, biomass plant outside Lihue that supplies 12-percent of Kauai's energy needs.  More here.

The Cohesive Strategy supports restoration efforts as well as biomass utilization - great work! 

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