Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cross-Boundary Management in the San Juan - Chama Watershed

Post fire restoration in the San Juan - Chama region. Photo: CPLA
The Chama Peak Land Alliance spans 1.4 million acres of Colorado and New Mexico and includes the headwaters for the San Juan and Rio Grande Rivers.  In 2015, the CPLA was awarded $410,000 from The Nature Conservancy’s Rio Grande Water Fund for the treatment of 800 acres, through prescribed fire and thinning, over the next three years to improve forest health and restore wildlife habitat. Through this program, they are working with landowners and partners to: 
1) Create fire plans for private lands, and coordinate fire management activities across jurisdictional boundaries, including private lands and local, state, federal agencies tribal and other jurisdictions in the project area responsible for fire management, including the U.S. Forest Service, 
2) Share lessons learned from cross-boundary management in this forested landscape with others restoring forests in the Rio Grande Water Fund area, and with other members of the national Fire Learning Network, and 
3) Increase the ability of local ranches, community members, and local, tribal, state and federal government partners to conduct prescribed burns through trainings and workshops in the region.
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