Tuesday, January 12, 2016

National Survey on Prescribed Fire Use is Out

In the 2015 National Prescribed Fire Use Survey Report details the current situation surrounding prescribed fire use in all 50 states.  Each state completed their second national survey and answered questions about how prescribed fire is used, managed and reported.  The Cohesive Strategy cites prescribed fire as a valuable tool in restoring forested ecosystems and creating more resilient landscapes.  More photos below and you can click here for the full report
After sorting the responses into three regions, Northeast, Southeast, and West, 69 percent of all acres burned were in the Southeast in 2014.  While this makes us in the West look like we are lagging, we are actually trending up in the use and management of prescribed fire according to the report.  

Weather, capacity and air quality/smoke management are the top challenges to using prescribed fire.   Despite the challenges, more states are creating prescribed fire councils to help train crews, educate communities and facilitate more prescribed fires.  

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