Monday, December 7, 2015

The Wildfire Conundrum - Building in the Woods

Homeowner Doug Kay shows his Firewise efforts in Ashland, OR.  Source: Liam Moriarty, Jefferson Public Radio.
This public radio report looks at the cost of protecting lives and property in fire-prone areas where people didn't used to live.  From what the homeowner can do to what city and county governments can do through codes and development standards - the risk is obvious.  Understanding that risk and doing something about it is where people get hung up. There is no one answer to resolving the wildland fire issues that challenge communities in the West. It will take a collaborative approach, across boundaries, with each of us doing what we can in our areas of influence to understand the risk of living in the wildland urban interface and taking proactive steps to reduce that risk. 

"In the end," says reporter Liam Moriarty, "success may hinge on whether we can come to see fire as a natural, even necessary part of living in the West." Click here to listen to the full radio report.  

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  1. I just heard full radio report and it was just amazing. Now, I was just thinking if I can have coupons for all those items :)