Friday, December 11, 2015

Los Alamos National Lab Wins Presidential Award

From left, Mathew Moury, Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health, Safety and Security; Michael Sweitzer, NNSA; Josh Silverman, Director, DOE Office of Sustainability Support; Christy Goldfuss, Director, White House Council on Environmental Quality; Denny Hjeresen, LANL Waste Management Division; Leslie Hansen, LANL Environmental Protection Division and Jessica Arcidiacono and NNSA Sustainability Program Eric Bradley, DOE Office of Sustainability Support. Photo: LANL

In recognition of their proactive commitment to protecting the environment of Northern New Mexico from the potential impacts of a changing climate, a consortium of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s federal and contractor staff received the GreenGov Presidential Award.

“We recognized the need for a different approach after a devastating wildfire and a series of impactful environmental events,” said Michael Brandt, associate director for the Laboratory’s Environment, Safety and Health directorate.  

Recent events such as bark beetle infestations, a series of wildfires and flooding on the Pajarito Plateau prompted a multifaceted effort to reduce future environmental impacts. The Laboratory’s approach to environmental stewardship includes long-term planning, wildfire mitigations, additional environmental monitoring and implementation of new land, storm water and forest management plans. Read more about the innovative approach here

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