Monday, December 7, 2015

Evaluating Effectiveness of Mitigation in the WUI

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The Forest Stewards Guild, with support from the Joint Fire Science Program, assessed wildland fire mitigation activities in the wildland-urban interface (WUI) of New Mexico to identify which strategies are most effective.  The project and subsequent report highlight these components: 

  • How modeled fuel treatments changed wildfire behavior in 12 WUI areas. 
  • Data and analysis from over 2,000 assessments fostered a better understanding of how hazards are distributed and change over time. 
  • The important role of the Firewise Communities/USA program in public wildfire education.
  • Examination of nine (9) Community Wildfire Protection Plan case studies which integrate  elements of wildfire mitigation. 
  • A synthesis of lessons learned from WUI mitigation in New Mexico.

Highlighted in the report is the importance of individual, community and agency collaboration for successful mitigation planning and implementation.  The report also points to the Fire Adapted Communities framework for linking a wide range of WUI mitigation approaches while acknowledging that fire cannot be eliminated from fire-adapted ecosystems.  

A good read, with useful information.  Check it out here

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