Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fire Managers and Fire Chiefs Meet VP Biden at White House on Climate Impacts and Wildfire

Vice President Joe Biden addressing the group.  Photo: Shawn Stokes

Vice President Joe Biden, in partnership with the U.S. Fire Administration and other Federal partners, hosted a Fire Chiefs’ White House Roundtable with chiefs from across the nation to discuss the scientific basis for climate impacts and WUI fire threats, review lessons from recent fire events and practices employed to address these threats, and identify further policy actions needed to enhance community resilience in the WUI.  

A diverse and respected group of wildland fire managers and fire chiefs agreed to ensure that firefighters have the training and resources required to face the current and growing threats that climate impacts are having in the WUI and ensure community resilience by encouraging wildland fire prevention and mitigation practices by property owners, communities and local governments across the country.  Read the full release here

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