Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Effective Prescribed Fire in Northern California

The Six Rivers National Forest has begun implementing its Roots and Shoots project, on the Orleans and Lower Trinity ranger districts. The project improves the growing conditions of collection materials, such as bear grass, willow, hazel, huckleberry and acorns that native practitioners use for food, baskets, jewelry and ceremonial purposes. The project also reintroduces low-intensity fire along roadsides via prescribed fires and lightly thins sapling trees and brush around these desirable collection species to encourage their growth and seeding in the understory. The project area’s 176 acres within 25 roadside units will be treated multiple times over the next 10 years.

The photos are from the prescribed burn near East Fork Campground, on the Lower Trinity District. The last photo shows the desired end result with a mosaic burn pattern, minimal impact to the remaining overstory canopy, larger diameter fuels that burned incompletely and good ignition around the bear grass in the foreground. 

During roadside burning. 

After the low intensity burn. See what's left. 

Mosaic burn patter, like a natural fire. 

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