Thursday, November 5, 2015

Counties Address Long-Term Effects of Wildfire

Post fire flooding in Coconino County, Arizona.  Source: NACo.
When plants burn and their roots are degraded, the resulting destabilized soil can lead to more frequent and harmful mudslides, landslides and flooding. This was the case in 2010 when massive flooding occurred following the Schultz Fire in Coconino County, AZ. Two weeks after the fire, monsoon rains flowed straight down the scorched mountainside and flooded neighborhoods below and killing a child. After the initial response, the county addressed the long-term causes and consequences of the disaster. Working collaboratively with residents, scientists and experts, officials determined that environmental restoration was the best approach.  

The restoration of this watershed is almost complete. The innovative, five-year effort has matched county funds with funding from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the US Forest Service and FEMA. Click here for more about this great collaborative project that will reduce risk to the landscape and the community below over the long term! 

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