Friday, October 2, 2015

One of the Best Demonstrations of Implementing the Cohesive Strategy - Klamath River TREX Lights Off This Week

"The only thing that's gonna change that is you all....." Please watch this powerful, heartfelt address by Leaf Hillman, Director of the Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources.  He knocks it outta the park with his frank comments that changes on the landscape will not occur because of what's happening in DC or the by the State of California, but by the leaders and members at the community level.  

This week, the folks...there are so many the Klamath Mountains of Northern California are burning about 1000 acres around five communities to restore healthy and resilient landscapes, protect communities and Tribal cultural sites, and train local firefighters. With 75 participants from 15 organizations and dozens of individual volunteers, the Klamath River Prescribed Fire Training Exchange (TREX) lit off its latest prescribed fire event this week. All three goals of the Cohesive Strategy are the targeted outcomes of this event. See some pre-ignition excitement here: 

The Mid Klamath Watershed Council and its partners have been collaborating for years, fostering relationships between community and Tribal members, the federal and state agencies and environmental community and timber industry. Those years of identifying shared values, developing a shared vision for these landscapes and finding agreement are paying off this week with the treatment of this valuable landscape.  

Crossing boundaries to collaborate is working.  When enabling conditions and solid leadership converge, change can occur.  Keep it up guys!

For more on these great efforts and the results of this TREX, click here and here.

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