Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Five Counties in OR Launch Cohesive Strategy Initiative

Click photo above to see video.

In Central Oregon, federal, state and Tribal fire and land managers, cities, counties, non-governmental organizations and private citizens have a long history of identifying shared goals and cooperating to accomplish shared outcomes. To take advantage of those relationships, stakeholders across five counties have come together under the umbrella of the Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy in agreement to collaborate across jurisdictions and boundaries toward managing fuels, protecting homes, communities, and safely and effectively responding to wildfire. 

Along with the more typical stakeholders noted above, the group includes a variety of non-traditional stakeholders including city and county planning departments, local developers and even the local beer brewing industry.  "Good water makes good beer," said Joe Stutler, lead advisor for the Initiative. "The goal is to include the diverse range of stakeholders across five counties here who have skin in the game," added Stutler.

More than just successfully implementing the Cohesive Strategy, this coordinated, collaborative multi-county project aims for recognition as a “regional learning laboratory” for others to replicate and utilize valuable lessons learned to create similar successful environments throughout the western United States.  Click on the photo at the top to see news coverage of the event and directly above to see a supportive video from Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley.

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