Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Defensible Space Works

Cove Fire, August 2015. Photo: Bend Duda, Oregon Department of Forestry

Defensible space works: Here's a photo of a home that survived in the direct path of the recent Cove Fire in central Oregon. The homeowners had diligently worked on defensible space over time – actions that included installing a metal roof, keeping gutters free of debris, surrounding the home with gravel, adding cinder blocks between the deck surface and the ground and re-surfacing the wooden deck with brick. As the fire swept up the downhill side of where the home was situated – through extremely dry and flammable fuels, and pushed by winds including 40 mph gusts – items destroyed near and on the home’s deck within the fire’s path indicate a sustained period of 200+ degrees of heat. However, the home itself stood, with minimal damage.

Working to become more fire adapted....good work folks! 

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