Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Compliance is Steady in California but Timing is Sometimes Off

Heavy chaparral dominates the hillsides in Topanga Canyon, CA.  Photo: Andy Uhler/Marketplace
Folks in southern California understand that fire has a season and fires will come.  They even seem to know the value of defensible space.  Beth Burnham, co-president of the North Topanga Canyon Fire Safe Council talks about the grants they provide to people who cannot otherwise afford to complete defensible space work in this audible report by Marketplace.  

Janet Upton, Cal Fire's deputy director, also weighs in and says compliance with mitigation standards is pretty steady but the agency deals more now with timing, because clearing brush with power tools at the height of fire season can start fires.  Nice partnership and coordination in this area by Cal Fire and the local fire safe council!  

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