Thursday, August 20, 2015

Neighborhood Fuel Break Put to the Test

Shevlin Commons neighborhood fuels treatment, before and after.  Photo: Alison Green
Utilizing a teachable moment from a nearby fire last year, residents in the community of Shevlin Commons, Bend Parks and Recreation and Project Wildfire worked together on a hazardous fuels reduction project that provided protection for the community.  

What's great about this story is that it involved a public and private collaboration where trust was not immediate.  It took several community meetings to determine that this area should be treated at all and exactly how.  In the end, the partners agreed to a 70% reduction in brush to maintain habitat and still meet wildfire hazard mitigation goals. The project was jointly funded in February and put to the test in June when a nearby wildfire threw embers into this treated area.  It allowed for quick suppression and protection of the nearby community.  Read the full article here


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