Monday, August 10, 2015

Eleven Senators Promise Bipartisan Fix to Fire Borrowing

Willow Fire, Arizona.  August 8, 2015.  Photo: BLM

Back in January, Senators Wyden (D-OR) and Crapo (R-ID) reintroduced the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act to end the cycle of underfunding fire suppression, which currently forces federal agencies to steal from fire prevention funding to fight fires. Instead, Wyden and Crapo’s bill will end this so-called “fire borrowing” by funding the largest wildfires from a similar disaster account used to fund other natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes.

Last week, 11 western senators pledged to work across party lines to reform how the nation budgets for wildfires as the Act was referred for consideration when Congress resumes in September. 

Read the press release here.   

The senators' full statements can be read here.

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