Saturday, August 29, 2015

CWPP Incorporates Goals of Cohesive Strategy

Photo: North Lake Tahoe Fire District
An updated Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) was presented at the 19th Annual Lake Tahoe Summit on August 24th.  Collaborators organized their CWPP around the goals of the Cohesive Strategy.  
The goals of the CWPP are three-fold:
• Create fire-adapted communities: The plan provides mitigation strategies and community-driven action plans to help create communities where citizens are engaged and active in preparing for wildfire. It facilitates interagency cooperation and strengthens communication and support between agencies and the public.
• Restore and maintain fire-resilient landscapes: The plan provides prioritized locations for fuel reduction treatments to enable land managers to effectively work across jurisdictions and address risks to ecosystems and communities at a landscape scale.
• Provide effective and efficient wildfire response: The plan provides strategic treatments on the landscape that will facilitate safer and more successful suppression. This plan provides for tracking, reporting, and sharing of both fuel reduction accomplishments and homeowner/community initiatives.
The updated plan will be made available online at and and from local fire districts and departments around the Lake Tahoe Basin.  Read more about the Annual Summit here.  And a nice news coverage piece here


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