Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Local Tribes' Knowledge Used to Combat Wildfires & Drought

Meadow restoration efforts in the Sierra Nevada. Source: LandLessons.org

Tribal members, scientists and the US Forest Service are collaborating to revive traditional Native American land management practices that can help contain wildfires and lessen effects of the drought.  

Using a 1,400 year-old Native technique to combat drought and wildfires that focuses on restoring meadows, the work achieves dual purposes: keeping more water in the ground by thinning the forest canopy, and creating clear, wetter areas that act as buffers to large fires.

Actively managing the meadows has not only helped preserve the area’s water resources and reduce wildfire fuel, but has helped strengthen the entire ecosystem.  Read the full article here

Transcript from NPR interview here. 

More about the "Growing Prairies" practices of the North Fork Mono Tribe here

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