Monday, June 15, 2015

Flagstaff Wins $25K from Solution Search

The Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project is not new, but wow, does it continue to provide a tremendously successful example of what communities, agencies, organizations and elected officials can accomplish when they have broad community understanding and support for a much needed effort! 

The short story: Flagstaff Arizona is no stranger to wildfire with steep slopes covered in thick forest, and even worse, no stranger to the post fire floods that ravage the area in a fire's wake, sometimes more than once.  Their solution?  Work together. Gain community support for projects in partnership.   

Funded through a $10 million bond approved by 74% of voters (yes, 3/4 of the voters approved this bond!), FWPP is a partnership between the City of Flagstaff, the State of Arizona and Coconino National Forest working to reduce the risk of severe wildfire and subsequent flooding in two watersheds critical to Flagstaff.  FWPP implements forest management activities such as forest thinning and prescribed fire to reduce the risk of high intensity wildfire that results in slick, burned surfaces and allows for flooding.

These collaborative mitigation practices have earned the FWPP a $25,000 People's Choice Award from Solution Search - a competitive contest that spotlights and disseminates successful conservation practices around the world. See the full story here.

Visit the FWPP YouTube site here.

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