Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Everybody Out! Outcomes of the Drill in North Lake Tahoe

City-wide evacuation drill at Incline Village, NV. Source: Bloomberg Business. Photo: Kevin Cooley. 
A few posts back I shared the news from North Lake Tahoe as the City of Incline Village was getting ready for an intensive evacuation and emergency drill.  Mike Brown, Fire Chief for North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District planned and directed this unique, city-wide wildfire, evacuation and emergency preparedness drill on May 30th. Emergency responders are known for their training and drilling for preparedness. Not so much for entire communities.   

Residents and visitors to Incline Village that day had the opportunity to participate in the event and learn how they can prepare for a similar situation. Over 1,500 homes were evacuated - or tagged as "chose not to leave" - to further complicate response actions.  Four helicopters dropped water and the National Guard "protected" downtown from looters. 

Great job Chief Brown!  Here's the recap and photos from the successful event. 

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