Thursday, May 28, 2015

Drilling for safety, learning and efficiency in North Lake Tahoe

The North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District is working with Washoe County Sheriffs and local stakeholders to lead an emergency evacuation drill in the Incline Village area this weekend.  

How does this demonstrate implementation of the Cohesive Strategy?  

First, this activity fits squarely within the Fire Adapted Communities goal as more than 1,100 residents will be evacuated in a scenario that involves wildfire and limited access.  “We are a unique community, with only three ways in and three ways out, so if a major catastrophe happens, we have to be able to work together,” said Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Jeff Clark.  Residents will be able and encouraged to attend the safety fair and chat with responders about how they can prepare their properties and families for these types of emergencies. Understanding risk, taking action to reduce it. Check. 

Second, a coordinated, integrated emergency response (no matter what the emergency...) results in a safer, more effective wildfire (or any other emergency) response. Working better together. Check.

It's no longer about "if" but "when" a wildfire will occur.  The better prepared communities are, and the better prepared emergency responders are, in working together, the better chance they all have of survival, resilience and recovery.  See the story here

Oh and by the way, if you didn't catch it, Fire Chief Mike Brown from North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District is a part of our AWESOME Senior Regional Leadership for the Western Cohesive Fire Strategy!  Thanks Chief for working so hard to implement the integrated, collaborative philosophy of the Cohesive Strategy!   

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